the ever-elusive "about" bio

Here's the Gist:

I'm Laura, a Brooklyn-Based freelance brand designer & illustrator with over three years' experience creating brands with personality.

Juicy color, quirky illustration, and quippy copy rock my world.


When I'm  off the clock, you'll find me nailing new skate tricks, jamming to
groovy tunes, and basking in the sun.

I Adore:

Creating modular design systems that allow a brand's true personality to shine. I'm a true believer that a brand is so much more than its' logo, and strive to make work that shows it!

I'm Passionate About:

Collaborate with diverse, excited, and KIND folks to create work that makes others feel like 🤩🤩🤩!

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I Aspire To:

Alliteration Aficionado

Kindness Cultivator

Witty Writer

Exclamation Mark Enthusiast

Exclamation Mark Enthusiast

Kindness Curator

Alliteration Aficionado

lemme break it down for you: