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From May 2021 to May 2022, I acted as the sole designer at DoSomething.Org. There, I collaborated with the team to streamline the DoSomething brand, create visual languages and content for 10+ sponsored campaigns, and bolster their social media feeds.

In collaboration with the Comms & Marketing Team, I worked to streamline the DoSomething brand language. Together, we found a way to stay true to our roots, while learning to speak the elusive language of  ✨Gen-Z✨.

As the team member who was the most chronically online, I put my copywriting skills to the test and lent a hand in creating organic social media libraries.


These posts helped to boost engagement through shares, comments, and likes. 


In October 2021, DoSomething launched their It’s (NOT) All In Your Head campaign sponsored by The Allstate Foundation.


Focused on bolstering mental health resources for students of color and low-income students in under-resourced communities, the campaign activated 569 youth to post 4,846 flyers with info about free identity-focused mental health resources for young people.


See Us, Hear Us: Climate Justice, was launched to educate young people about climate injustice and environmental racism. Powered by the General Motors Foundation, DoSomething activated members to share their vision for a greener future through its first-ever “Youth Map of Climate Injustice.” 


In February 2022, DoSomething launched their second annual Strength Through Service campaign in celebration of MLK Day of Service. DoSomething members were challenged to “build a beloved community” by getting involved in five different volunteer-based campains. 

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